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Through our campaign ‘Happy nose, Happy mom’, we are wishing to highlight the fact that babies are obligatory nasal breathers and all the underlying problems that are caused due to nasal congestion in babies and kids. Since, babies and kids are more sensitive than adults; they need timely treatment to cure nasal congestion and make their noses happy so that you can be happy too.

Why talking about nasal congestion in kids and babies is important?
Babies have tiny nostrils and breathe only through them. So, when the insides of their noses swell or produce mucus, it obstructs breathing. Hence, all the sniffling and blockage can make your baby uncomfortable and interfere with their sleep. This is why you will often find them to be cranky and frustrated whenever their noses get congested. They will refuse to eat or sleep and gradually get tired. Although it’s common for newborn babies to have some nasal congestion in the first two months of life; it can occur again and worsen during monsoons, cold winter months, seasonal changes and/or because of pollutants and irritants in the air.

Happy Nose happy mom

A Simple Guide for Congestion and Care